5 reasons you should book a live demonstration before buying software

When looking to purchase software or applications to help streamline your business, it is now commonplace to see ‘free demo’ or ‘live demonstration’ as an option before making a decision to buy. But why do so many people offer a demo and how does it really benefit you and your business?

Marketing has evolved and the digital age is well and truly here to stay, and while e-books, emails and social media are a great way to find out about a brand and their products, there is nothing quite like getting the information face-to-face or, in this case, via a web-based app connection. Online demonstrations are offered because they are the simplest way for a manufacturer to show you everything that their software can offer, but what can you really gain from signing up for a free demo?

1. Get a greater understanding of the product

Experience the product’s user interface and see how it all works.

2. See the benefits for yourself in real time

As you go through the demonstration, you will be shown the features and benefits of the product in real-time, which is a far more in-depth insight than you might glean from a PDF.

3. Speak to an expert to decide whether it’s the right fit for your business

Demonstrations are typically hosted by people who know the software inside and out, and will be able to provide in-depth details to ensure you choose the right version for your business.

4. Get answers to help your decision process

By speaking directly with a specialist you can get more detailed answers as you go through the demonstration process, which should help you make a more informed decision on your business needs.

5. Choose a date and time that suits you

Demonstrations are typically hosted throughout the working day, so you can choose a time that best suits you and any other colleagues that are involved in the process.

At Vigilant Software, we offer a live one-to-one demonstration of our products to ensure that you can get a feel for what the software entails and to help you make an informed purchase decision. To find out more, please contact our dedicated team on +44 (0) 845 003 8228 or click here to register your interest today.


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