Access industry-leading cyber security risk assessment tools from Vigilant Software’s new international website

Ely, England, 1 May 2014Vigilant Software, the leader in compliance software, has launched a brand new international website,, offering access to industry-leading vsRisk™ cyber security risk assessment tools.

The latest addition to the company’s portfolio of vsRisk tools is a multiple ISMS version, fully integrated with ISO27001:2013. This new feature enables users to easily switch between multiple Information Security Management Systems (ISMSs) from a single tool.

Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, the holding company of Vigilant Software, says: “We are very pleased with the fresh new look and feel of the Vigilant Software website. Designed to serve our numerous customers around the globe, the new website reflects the innovativeness of the vsRisk software range, while boasting excellent functionality and presenting a simple navigation system. It enables our customers to easily find their way through the product pages and select an option that suits them best – whether it’s a standalone, network-enabled, multi-user or multi-ISMS version.

“The vsRisk tool is extremely innovative – it enables risk assessors to conduct consistent and repeatable cyber security risk assessments, while saving time and money and achieving results.”

vsRisk is available in standalone, or network-enabled (single-user) versions, and a multi-user option that enables risk assessors to conduct risk assessments at the same time across the organisation with one tool. Using a similar format and consistent approach ensures uniformity across all risk assessors. The newly released multi-ISMS version presents the opportunity to apply vsRisk to multiple ISMSs, across different companies and geographic locations.

Other features include integrated security that enables single-sign-on, as well as reports that can be edited, customised and shared across the business and with auditors.

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Notes to editors

Vigilant Software aims to make Information Security Risk Assessment and Management straightforward and affordable for all, transforming the traditionally complex process of risk management, and therefore enabling organisations worldwide to be compliant with ISO 27001. Vigilant Software is owned by IT Governance Ltd; globally acknowledged as a leading authority on IT governance and information security. More information is available at:

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