Data Flow Mapping Tool Latest Release – Consultancy Access

The latest release from Vigilant Software sees the addition of Consultancy Access to its CyberComply platform

Vigilant Software has updated the CyberComply platform to make significant changes and introduce a Consultancy Access feature to both the Data Flow Mapping Tool (DFMT) and Compliance Manager (CM).  This allows Consultants to add users to multiple organisation accounts using one set of login details and better support their clients with their mapping processes.

A key part of this update is that customer roles have been revised meaning more options are available, these include:

  • Organisation admin
  • Contributor
  • Read only
  • Revoked

Consultancy Access –  How It Works

Adding Users: Users can be invited to an organisation account just as before, but only their email address and the appropriate role for that organisation needs to be provided.  The user will receive an email asking them to accept or decline the invitation. Once sent, invitations can be revoked. Invitations automatically expire after 24 hours but can be resent after this time has elapsed.


Removing Users: Users can be blocked from an organisation account by changing their role to ‘Revoked’. This will not affect the user’s access to other organisation accounts.  Archiving a user will automatically revoke that user from all organisation accounts and prevent them from accessing the platform. Only admin roles can archive or unarchive users.

Users can also remove themselves from an organisation account by navigating to their ‘User Details’ page and selecting ‘Remove Access’ from the ‘Accounts’ panel.  An organisation account must have an organisation admin. If the sole organisation admin for an account seeks to remove themselves from that account, they will be prevented from doing so.

Editing Users: Within an organisation account, users can change the role of a user with a lower level of access (e.g. an organisation admin can change the role of a read-only user) but cannot edit other details of that user.  Users can edit their own details as normal when logged in.

Switching Accounts: Users can switch between organisation accounts from their ‘User details’ page by clicking ‘Access now’ next to the correct company name in the ‘Accounts’ panel. They will be prompted to re-enter their password to complete the switch.  The top navigation bar always displays the name of the account the user is currently accessing to ensure that they are only working in the correct organisation account

What is the Data Flow Mapping Tool?
The Data Flow Mapping Tool is for organisations of all sizes that need to identify the personal data they process and bring their practices in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The tool makes it easy to create data flow maps that can be reviewed, revised and updated when needed. It will help you get a thorough understanding of what personal data your organisation processes and why, where it is held and how it is transferred.

Compliance Manager is a database of legislation relevant to managing information security. Our tool is designed to help you meet the legal and regulatory requirements and facilitates compliance with an ISO 27001 risk assessment. Compliance Manager integrates with the Data Flow Mapping Tool which you can use to chart the flow of personal data through your business processes and allows you to map relevant requirements and controls to your processes.

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