How to improve your risk assessment process

For many people, the prospect of conducting a risk assessment is daunting. Inexperienced assessors often rely on spreadsheets, spending hours interviewing people in their organisation, exchanging documents and methodologies with other departments and filling in data. After all that, they’ll probably realise how inconvenient spreadsheets are:

  • They are prone to user error
  • They are hard to maintain
  • It’s difficult to find relevant data in multiple tabs
  • They don’t automatically conform to ISO 27001


It doesn’t have to be like this. The risk assessment software vsRisk Cloud provides a simple and fast way to identify relevant threats, and deliver repeatable, consistent assessments year after year.

Its asset library assigns organisational roles to each asset group, applying relevant potential threats and risks by default. Additionally, its integrated risk, vulnerability and threat databases eliminate the need to compile a list of risks, and the built-in control sets help you comply with multiple frameworks.

The software also:

  • Helps you create custom acceptance criteria for specific likelihood/impact combinations;
  • Guides you through the eight simple steps for completing the risk assessment for each single asset;
  • Includes a help overlay button, which provides explicit instructions for each step of the process;
  • Enables users to automatically keep control sets up to date and get access to new control sets as they’re released; and
  • Helps you export the asset database and populate an asset management system/register.


vsRisk Cloud also features a sample risk assessment, allowing you to understand and customise the tool’s features. The sample provides a populated list of assets assigned to a standard set of asset owners for a typical organisation. Each asset features a series of risks, as well as the corresponding controls from ISO 27001.

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