How to manage your compliance the easy way

Regulatory compliance requirements are becoming a significant issue for organisations, particularly in the field of information security.

What is IT compliance?

IT compliance is used to explain how an organisation manages its IT in order to comply with laws, regulations and contractual obligations.

IT compliance looks to protect an organisation’s governance, assets, services and more.

Data breaches and regulatory fines are unfortunately becoming a daily occurrence, so no organisation can afford to treat IT compliance as a minor issue.

IT compliance shouldn’t just be the responsibility of an IT department. It is a board-level responsibility that every organisation needs to address as a matter of urgency.

However, many boards don’t really know which laws they need to comply with, let alone which of those laws’ clauses are relevant for their organisation.

Issues that your organisation should be concerned with will undoubtedly include the Data Protection Act, the Bribery Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The introduction of severe penalties under the GDPR from May 2018 will only make matters worse for organisations that fail to keep their data safe.

How to tackle compliance requirements

Managing your legal and regulatory information security obligations is not an easy task and can involve significant time and cost commitments.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can make this process easier.

Download our free white paper to see how you can manage your IT compliance the easy way. The paper explains:

  • The need for businesses to have robust information security measures in place;
  • How you can avoid spending significant time and money researching relevant laws and regulations; and
  • How you can comply with these laws and regulations.



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