Infographic: Why software is a practical and cost effective solution for information security risk assessments

Companies starting out with an information security programme often resort to spreadsheets when tackling the risk assessment. Often, this is because they see it as a cost-effective tool to help them get the results they need. There are, however, a number of reasons spreadsheets aren’t the best way to go.

Excel was built for accountants, and despite being trusted by business professionals for more than twenty years, it wasn’t designed to deliver a risk assessment.

The risk assessment is quite complicated and multi-dimensional. Whatever tool you decide to use, it needs to take into account many elements, such as assets, threats, vulnerabilities and controls, the likelihood and impact values of those risks, as well as reporting and analysis.

vsRisk™ presents a simpler, better and faster way to conduct cyber security risk assessments, and ensures compliance with the information security management standard, ISO 27001:2013.

Take a look at our infographic Spreadsheets vs risk assessment software’ to compare the two tools for tackling your risk assessment.


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