Introducing vsRisk version 3.0: What’s new?

This week, we have released a brand new version of our risk assessment software tool, vsRisk™. Version 3.0 includes three new updates to functionality: custom acceptance criteria, a risk assessment wizard and control set synchronisation. Version 3.0 also allows you to export the asset database in order to populate an asset management system/register.

What changes have been made to the custom acceptance criteria?

As part of the first stage of your information security risk assessment, you will need to establish your risk criteria and appetite. In simple terms, this means you need to establish scales of likelihood and impact against which to evaluate risks. A risk scale can typically be imagined as a standard XY graph, with the likelihood of an event happening along the horizontal axis and the impact on the organisation along the vertical axis. Then you will need to use this graph to establish which combinations of likelihood and impact your organisation is happy to live with.

vsRisk includes a stage where you can establish custom acceptance criteria to streamline this part of your risk assessment. Previously, users were restricted to defining the line between those risks that were deemed acceptable and those that were deemed unacceptable. In version 3.0, users can now create a number of criteria for different likelihood and impact combinations. Each of these can be assigned a title, colour, range and description (see below).

Control set synchronisation

This additional functionality allows risk assessors greater control to build more sophisticated risk assessments that are tailored specifically to the requirements and interests of their company.

Book a live one-to-one demonstration to see more of vsRisk

To see the full capabilities of vsRisk 3.0, we highly recommend that you book a live one-to-one demonstration with a dedicated support executive. Please follow this link to book a vsRisk demonstration at a time and date convenient for you »

vsRisk 3.0 now available

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