Vigilant Software releases new and upgraded version of vsRisk

Leading compliance software developer Vigilant Software has released the latest version (3.0) of its risk assessment software tool, vsRisk™.

The latest version of vsRisk includes three key changes to functionality: custom acceptance criteria, a risk assessment wizard and control set synchronisation. This major release also enables users to export the asset database in order to populate an asset management system/register.

The developments to vsRisk will allow companies to quickly get started with an information security risk assessment, providing reliable and consistent results time and time again.

Understanding the changes

With the custom acceptance criteria, users can now create a number of criteria for particular likelihood/impact combinations. Each criterion can be assigned a title, range, colour and description. This functionality allows risk assessors greater control to build more sophisticated risk assessments that are tailored specifically to the requirements and interests of their company.

The new risk assessment wizard guides users through eight simple steps to complete a risk assessment for a single asset. The wizard is particularly useful for users who are new to the risk assessment process.

The final change is the introduction of control set synchronisation, to automatically keep control sets up to date and provide access to new control sets as they are released, ensuring that risk assessments stay robust and reliable.

Developed by the world’s leaders in information security governance and ISO 27001 compliance, vsRisk continues to evolve, providing users with a tool that delivers consistent, robust and reliable risk assessments year-on-year.

vsRisk is available in a desktop-based standalone version and a network-enabled multiuser version.

To find out how your organisation can save time, money and resources, contact our team today to arrange a free one-to-one live demonstration of vsRisk by calling +44 (0)845 033 8228 or clicking here.

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