Many organisations still aren’t GDPR compliant. Are you one of them?

It’s been four months since the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force, but it seems many organisations still aren’t compliant. Some may have been waiting to see what fines the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) would hand out for data breaches; others may think they don’t need to worry because they’ve never suffered a cyber attack or a data breach before, or that they’ll simply deal with it if it does happen.

Well, things are heating up. The ICO has started issuing fines, meaning businesses are hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons. Remember that these fines can be up to €20 million or 4% of global annual turnover – whichever is greater – but it’s the loss of trust and customers that could have the biggest impact.

One requirement of the GDPR is that organisations map their data flows to assess the risks in their data processing activities. Organisations need to be aware of what personal data they process and ensure this processing is in accordance with the law. As organisations often process much more data than they realise, it’s important to perform mapping exercises to keep track of them all.

A data flow map identifies detailed gaps between actual practices and the GDPR’s requirements. It also builds trust and confidence in data subjects about how their data is being managed. To effectively map data, you need to be able to identify its key elements, such as the data items obtained, data formats, transfer methods, where the data is stored, accountability and access.

Data flow mapping may seem daunting, but you can simplify the process with the Data Flow Mapping Tool. The tool gives you a thorough understanding of what personal data your organisation processes and why, where it is held and how it is transferred. It simplifies the process of creating data flow maps, allowing you to review, revise and update your maps when needed.

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It’s not too late to start your GDPR compliance journey

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