Newly Improved Information Security Risk Assessment Tool vsRisk™ v 2.0 Offers Flexibility, Ease and Speed in Risk Assessment Process

Ely, England,  6 January 2014 Specialist ISO 27001 information security risk assessment company Vigilant Software has launched an upgrade to its best-selling vsRisk™ tool which dramatically reduces the time spent to perform an ISO 27001-compliant information security risk assessment.

The all-new vsRisk v2.0 features a range of new enhancements that empower the risk assessor to conduct a risk assessment in a fast and seamless manner.  

3 control sets to choose from

Pre-populated with controls for both ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013, as well as cyber security control sets from ISO 27032, vsRisk 2.0 provides the flexibility for organisations to work with the relevant controls for their specific environment. 

Simple and crisp, new user interface

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of Vigilant Software, says: ‘The new, completely revamped vsRisk v. 2.0 features a modernised and sleek, user-friendly interface that delivers a simplified, more intuitive risk assessment process. The improvements include an easier and faster installation process, as well as providing a single view of threats, vulnerabilities and controls – all in one place.  Improving on the features of the previous version, the new version 2 will help cut the time spent on manual risk assessments to over 70 %.’

Reduces costs and time to complete an ISO 27001-compliant risk assessment

Calder adds: ‘vsRisk 2.0 continues to build on the success of previous versions.  Now in its sixth year of evolution, vsRisk 2.0 dramatically reduces the costs and overheads of pursuing compliance with the information security management standard ISO 27001. Featuring enhancements such as greatly improved reporting, flexibility in risk calculations, intuitive control selection, new search capabilities, much simpler interface and 3 control sets, vsRisk 2.0 is an incredibly efficient and must-have tool for risk assessors. This advanced risk assessment software eliminates the opportunity for human and spread sheet error, while strengthening the robustness of risk management decisions and ensuring key assets receive appropriate protection’.

vsRisk 2.0 delivers a host of business benefits, including improved competitiveness, secure confidential information and enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition, the risk assessment process is accelerated, key ISO 27001 documentation and reports are produced, and existing risk assessments are continuously updated and maintained for annual audit purposes. 

vsRisk 2.0 is currently available in Standalone and Network-enabled versions. The network-enabled version can be installed on a database server, allowing for data back-ups.  vsRisk also comes with vsRisk Lite enabling multiple asset owners to provide risk-related information about assets in their control, after which the risk assessor is able to apply controls to mitigate the identified risks.

A trial version of vsRisk 2.0 is now available and can be downloaded from the Vigilant Software website.

vsRisk 2 Multi-user version out soon

In addition to the Standalone and Network-enabled versions, due to popular demand, a brand new product, vsRisk 2.0 Multi-user will be launched in early 2014, allowing for multiple risk assessors to access, use and edit risk-related information simultaneously.

View an online demonstration of the vsRisk™ here >>

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