Vigilant Software releases upgraded Data Flow Mapping Tool

Leading compliance software developer Vigilant Software has released a new and improved version of its Data Flow Mapping Tool based on early feedback.

The aim of the Cloud-based tool – hosted on the CyberComply platform – is to simplify the process of mapping personal data through your organisation, in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on 25 May 2018.

The upgraded version of the Data Flow Mapping Tool now allows users to create copies of entire processes and their corresponding maps, label the input points on data and add data subjects to maps to provide an overview of where data is passed on or returned to data subjects.

The new version includes Article 9 exceptions, which have been split from Article 6 lawful basis. This means that you must select a lawful basis for all selected data items. If you select any special categories of data, you must also select an Article 9 exception. The tool also allows data managers to download a PDF version of the user manual.

Gemma Platt, managing executive at Vigilant Software, said: “The recent update has been based on feedback from early adopters and it is great to see this product evolve to help our customers meet the GDPR’s requirements.”


The above map shows the Article 9 exception for any special categories of data. Further features and improvements have been made to ensure the tool provides users with everything they need to easily produce, edit, update and draw reports that can be shared with stakeholders.

The Data Flow Mapping Tool is available for up to five users on an annual subscription basis. We encourage anyone looking to simplify their data mapping to take advantage of our free online demonstrations. Find out more and book a demonstration today.

For more information about Vigilant Software’s Data Flow Mapping Tool, please visit the website or call +44 (0)333 700 1 700.


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