Vigilant Software’s game-changing update to its data protection platform

Ely, United Kingdom, 24 July 2018 – Cyber security expert Vigilant Software has updated its CyberComply platform to make it easier than ever for organisations to track their personal data.

Organisations of any size can now use CyberComply’s Consultancy Access feature, enabling consultants or internal compliance managers to be added to multiple organisation or divisional accounts using just one set of login details. This makes the data management process more collaborative than ever before.

With data breaches on the rise, and the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) handing out major fines to several organisations, including Facebook, the importance of how organisations manage their data has never been more important. Vigilant Software’s Data Flow Mapping Tool, a module in their CyberComply platform, makes it easy for organisations to create data flow maps that help meet the GDPR Article 30 compliance requirements and can be reviewed, revised and updated when needed. Organisations can take advantage of Vigilant Software’s July launch promotion: purchase the Data Flow Mapping Tool before the end of July to get an 18-month licence for it.

Gemma Platt, managing executive of Vigilant Software, said: “The way in which organisations handle public data is becoming more important. At Vigilant Software, we believe that the Data Flow Mapping Tool is the ideal solution for many organisations, making it much easier for them to map their business processes. The ICO’s recent £500,000 fine for Facebook – a record amount – should be a warning to all: investing in compliance will cost organisations significantly less than any fine or reputational damage.”

A key part of this CyberComply update is that customer roles have been revised, so that more options are now available. These include:

  • Organisation admin;
  • Contributor;
  • Read only;
  • Revoked; and
  • Consultancy Access – How It Works.

For more information on CyberComply, the Data Flow Mapping Tool and Compliance Manager, please call our dedicated advisor on +44 (0)333 700 1 700 or click here.

Vigilant Software, part of the GRC International Group, aims to make compliance easy.

We develop industry-leading tools for intelligent, simplified compliance, including ISO27001-risk management and EU GDPR.

Drawing on years of experience in developing and deploying risk management tools and services, our product range provides businesses with regulatory software tools that save you both time and money.

Our hero product vsRisk, is the industry-leading ISO27001-compliant risk assessment tool, has simplified and automated the information security risk assessment process for many organisations across the globe, both large and small.

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