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Upgrade to vsRisk™ Multi-user from vsRisk Standalone

vsRisk Upgrade from Standalone to Multi-user plus Annual Upgrade & Support Package
Price: £1,500.00
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Product Description

Upgrade from vsRisk Standalone to vsRisk Multi-user.

vsRisk Multi-user enables the lead risk assessor to outsource the risk assessment to nine additional risk assessors, speeding up the process of conducting an enterprise-wide risk assessment while ensuring uniformity and consistency in the process and reports. The Multi-user version can also be installed on a remote database server, allowing global back-ups.

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Any customers with software versions older than the last two versions of vsRisk will be required to purchase a brand new version if customers wish to migrate their data to a newer version of vsRisk. Please contact our support team to upgrade. Professional advice on constructing and carrying out a risk assessment is not included. Our consultancy team can provide such advice on a separate basis.


Technical Specifications

  • Supports Windows Vista and above
  • Supports Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Windows Excel for reporting and imports
  • Supports MS SQL2008 R2 SP2 and above.

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