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Support and Update Package

vsRisk Standalone and vsRisk Cloud do not include support and update packages. In order to ensure that you are receiving the best service, we recommend that you purchase an annual support and update package when you purchase any version of vsRisk.

Standalone Support and Update Package >>

The support and update package provides users with 12 months of free support from out dedicated team and access to any updates that are released in this period, so that you can work with the most recent version of vsRisk. By purchasing the Support and Update Package, you avoid having to pay for individual support tickets, which each cost £70, plus VAT.



The following are not included:

  • Upgrades from vsRisk Standalone to vsRisk Cloud
  • Customers with historical versions ups to 2.0 will need to purchase a new version of vsRisk Standalone or vsRisk Cloud if they would like to migrate their data to the latest version of vsRisk.
  • vsRisk Network-enabled has now been discontinued, but existing customers with a valid support and update licence will still receive full support and software updates for this version.