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Compliance made easy

Regulatory software that saves you time and money


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vsRisk™ ISO 27001 risk
assessment software tool

Produce consistent, robust and reliable risk assessments year-on-year with vsRisk, an information security risk assessment tool created by industry-leading ISO 27001 experts.

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Access all the statutory
and regulatory requirements

Compliance Manager is designed to help users meet their legal and regulatory requirements and facilitates compliance with laws and regulations.

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Jeffrey S. Cochran

Information Security Manager, Thompsons Online Benefits

By the way, this vsRisk package rocks!
I do very much like how it is laid out and operates. This is just what I needed.

Michael Pollington

Vigilant Software Specialist

Neil Ford

28th February 2017

It should go without saying that information security controls – the measures you implement to protect your organisation – should be selected based on the real risks... read more


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