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Do data security risks keep you awake at night?

Do data security risks keep you awake at night?

Control data privacy & cyber risks with CyberComply

The single affordable solution for data privacy and cyber risk auditing, reporting and management


Manage all your cyber security and data privacy obligations
in one powerful tool

Dashboard Panel

View your top risks and management actions in the snapshot dashboard view


Effortlessly meet all your GDPR and cyber security requirements in one cloud-based tool

Identify Risks

Quickly identify and report on all your data security risks

Data Assessments

Conduct data protection impact assessments easily and consistently

Manage Data Flows

Map and manage your data flows in and out of your organisation

Identify Laws

Track and identify compliance requirements of over 100 privacy and security laws in the UK

Handle DSARs

Easily handle DSARs (data subject access requests)

Record Data Breaches

Record and report any data breaches in line with regulatory requirements

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate your compliance efforts with fast and comprehensive reporting

Limit Access

Provide read-only access to everyone in the organisation who needs it


Multiple risks, one view, one solution

Get a real-time view of your data security status

Achieve and demonstrate GDPR compliance quickly, easily and effectively
Implement risk-based security measures that are current, effective and compliant
Reduce variability by helping you make consistent decisions based on fact, rather than human interpretation.
Scalable to address evolving and increasing threats, repeatable for frequent breach reporting, DSAR management and risk assessments
Cyber criminals never give up
neither should you!

The Return on Investment is significant

We understand that cyber risk and data privacy management can be a lengthy, complex and a highly manual process that requires significant time and resources.

Investing in the CyberComply platform and you’ll gain access to market-leading tools and expertise in one solution. By subscribing to the solution you save management time, get better and faster data and suffer fewer incidents.

Meet your data security and privacy challenges head-on with CyberComply

Cloud Solution

Tackle data privacy and cyber security and migrate from cumbersome and unreliable spreadsheets to a cloud-based solution for less than 2 weeks’ legal fees


Introduce data security and privacy best practice and achieve demonstrable compliance

Auditable Reports

Produce up to 25 reports on your organisation’s processes, assets, risks, tasks and control sets to help you understand, maintain and accelerate your cyber compliance, including auditable reports


Access from anywhere, anytime to see, plan and manage multiple projects across the organisation saving time and money as you are not using and subscribing to multiple tools and apps

with price guarantee*

CyberComply Pricing Plans

Accelerate your cyber compliance project with CyberComply
Also included:
Latest updates: The platform and tools are continuously enhanced and updated
Ongoing support: Communicate via phone, email & online
Multiple user accounts: Five users per license and unlimited read-only access means Risk & Compliance teams can plan & manage multiple projects
* Buy Now Guarantee! If you can find a platform that does exactly the same, with the same outcomes at the same incredible price or lower we will refund your first subscription.
with price guarantee*
Single User
Provides access for one organisation admin account
Pro plan
Provides access for five organisation admin accounts
Single User
Provides access for one organisation admin account
Pro plan
Provides access for five organisation admin accounts

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