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DPIA Tool - Speed up & Simplify Your Data Protection Impact Assessments using Step by Step Workflows

Seamless collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

Easily demonstrate measures taken for GDPR Compliance.

Our easy-to-use tool will help your organisation determine if it needs to conduct a DPIA.


Why use the DPIA tool?

Spreadsheets are cumbersome and prone to errors. And if you need to collaborate with multiple stakeholders, the process gets more complicated. DPIA tool by Vigilant Software makes your DPIA a simple repeatable process. 

The built-in templates ensure your data protection process is aligned with the GDPR. You can now save time, reduce errors and easily demonstrate how you comply with your data protection obligations.

Speed and simplicity

You can determine quickly whether a DPIA (data protection impact assessment) is required.

You can quickly asses if a process is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

Easier using the DPIA Tool than a spreadsheet. – You can conduct your DPIA following the guided step by step workflows.


Aligned with the GDPR

Helps controllers demonstrate appropriate measures have been taken to ensure GDPR compliance.

Helps your organisation meet the requirements of Article 35 of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

Aligned with guidance from both the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and the WP29 (Article 29 Working Party – replaced by the EDPB (European Data Protection Board)).

Standardised procedure 

Our DPIA tool has all best practices built in. You can conduct a comprehensive DPIA following a consistent approach across all processing activities.

The six steps ensure all necessary information is captured and track your progress.

Identify risks and work out how likely they are to occur and how bad they might be if they do.

Easy to share

Share information with key stakeholders and your supervisory authority.

Record the DPIA has been reviewed and authorised to go ahead.

Export a .docx report for each DPIA.

Review, update and maintain

Easily review and update a DPIA whenever there is a change in the processing activity (periodically or whenever significant changes are made to the process).

Integrates with other CyberComply products

The DPIA Tool integrates with Compliance Manager and the Data Flow Mapping Tool, giving you full visibility of your compliance progress.