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GDPR Manager – your four-in-one compliance solution.

Manage your GDPR activities with one tool.

Work is saved in a central location, making it simple to maintain and update documentation.

Use GDPR Manager for fast, efficient compliance.


Why use GDPR Manager?

GDPR Manager is a combination of four modules that relate to GDPR and BS 10012 compliance. The tool provides customers with the means to assess their data protection practices and manage some of the more arduous elements of GDPR and BS 10012 compliance, such as recording and reporting data breaches, handling DSARs (data subject access requests) and determining whether third parties have suitable measures in place to protect personal data.

Gap Analysis module

Instant visibility of your current compliance status

Assess your level of compliance with BS 10012:2017. Easily identify the actions required to protect personal data and comply with the GDPR.

DSAR module

Keep a record of all DSARs

Allows DSARs to be logged, providing a record of how and when your organisation responded to those requests. Under the GDPR, organisations must respond to a DSAR within one month of receiving it. 

Breach Report module 

Keep a record of all breaches and incidents

Record all the breaches and incidents involving personal data that occur within your organisation and streamline reporting of data breaches to your local supervisory authority.

Third Party Management module

Keep track of the processors and controllers

Keep an eye on the third parties your organisation is working with to process personal data and recording information.


The more of your GDPR compliance activities you can do on the single platform, the better in terms of consistency of approach, time spent on user management, cost efficiencies.

One platform/one tool > multiple tasks

Cloud-based GDPR Manager platform to enable organisations to manage a range of GDPR elements such as recording and reporting data breaches, handling subject access requests, and monitoring third party compliance through a single platform.

Aligned with GDPR

GDPR Manager comprises four modules, each of which supports a different core aspect of GDPR compliance: Breach reporting, DSAR logging, Gap analysis and Third party management. Respond to subject access requests, and identify your compliance gaps, and those of third parties, with our GDPR Management Tool.

Easy to share

Allows multiple users within an organisation to log on from any location, updating information such as subject access requests (DSARs), breach reports, gap analysis questionnaires and third-party controls.

Simplifies and speeds up

This speeds up internal compliance processes, creates a clear and automated audit trail for many aspects of GDPR compliance, and ultimately helps organisations to achieve and maintain robust levels of data protection.

Integrates with other CyberComply products

The GDPR Manager integrates with Compliance Manager giving you full visibility of your compliance progress.