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Access all the statutory and regulatory requirements with Compliance Manager


Why use Compliance Manager?

Get all the statutory and regulatory requirements in one place

Compliance Manager is designed to help users meet their legal and regulatory requirements and facilitates compliance with an ISO 27001 risk assessment.


ISO 27001 controls

Includes 274 controls from
ISO 27001:2013
and ISO 27001:2005


Instant access

Provides instant access to an updated database of law and regulations as and when new content is released


Expertly curated

Makes it easy to identify and select the legislation that is relevant to your organisation


Monitor compliance

Change the status of individual clauses and controls to keep track of your compliance project


GDPR articles

Includes information on those GDPR articles that require you to take action, accompanied by guidance on how best to implement them


Gives optional access to a data flow map

Compliance Manager integrates with the Data Flow Mapping Tool, which you can use to chart the flow of personal data through your business processes. The tool’s integration with Compliance Manager allows you to map relevant requirements and controls to your processes.


Jeffrey S. Cochran

Information Security Manager, Thompsons Online Benefits

By the way, this vsRisk package rocks!
I do very much like how it is laid out and operates. This is just what I needed.


Gary Baxter

Vigilant Sales and Support Executive




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