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GDPR Compliance Software for Small Businesses

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) controls how organisations process personal data.

In the UK, there are two versions of the law that you might need to comply with:

There is little material difference between the two, so we use “the GDPR” to mean the requirements common to both.

How to ensure you comply with the GDPR

Complying with the Regulation is complex and involves the whole organisation, from conducting data flow audits that identify where personal data resides, to facilitating the exercise of data subjects’ rights, and developing GDPR-compliant policies, processes and procedures.

(Some organisations with fewer than 250 employees are exempt from the GDPR’s record-keeping requirements.)

If you are unsure about your obligations or how to meet them, using software tools is a good way of ensuring compliance.

What is GDPR compliance software?

Our range of GDPR software tools make compliance with data protection laws easier.

They are all hosted on our online CyberComply platform, so you can access whatever you need whenever you need it, wherever you are.

And because they are Cloud-based tools, we can update them remotely to help ensure that when laws change, your data processing practices can change too, so you will never fall out of compliance.


GDPR Manager

GDPR Manager’s four modules help you manage some of your more difficult day-to-day obligations:

  • The Gap Analysis module assesses the extent of your compliance with BS 10012:2017, the British Standard for a PIMS (personal information management system), and helps you identify the action you need to take to be GDPR compliant.
  • The DSAR module helps you fulfil DSARs (data subject access requests) in line with Article 15, keeping a record of all DSARs you receive and how they have been followed up.
  • The Breach Report module streamlines the data breach reporting process, helping you keep track of all breaches and incidents that occur, and manage breach notifications to the supervisory authorities.
  • The Third Party Management module helps you keep track of the data processors and controllers your organisation works with to process personal information.
  • Learn more about GDPR Manager and take a free trial >>



The DPIA Tool is fully aligned with the GDPR to make carrying out DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) easy.

Its built-in risk databases save time, reduce errors and help you demonstrate your organisation’s compliance with the Regulation.

The six-step DPIA process is simple to follow – you can start straight away with no prior knowledge and deliver consistent, accurate and auditable reports every time.

Learn more about the DPIA Tool and take a free trial >>


Data Flow Mapping Tool

Understanding exactly how your organisation processes personal data is essential to GDPR compliance. The Data Flow Mapping Tool enables you to easily identity, map and visualise how personal data flows through your organisation.

Learn more about the Data Flow Mapping Tool and take a free trial >>



CyberComply is a Cloud-based software solution that keeps your cyber risk, and data privacy management monitoring and compliance activities on one platform.

GDPR Manager, the DPIA Tool and the Data Flow Mapping Tool are all available on CyberComply, as are our risk assessment software tool vsRisk and Compliance Manager – the easy way to identify your legal and regulatory information security requirements.

Learn more about CyberComply and take a free trial today >>