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Introducing vsRisk: The ultimate information security risk assessment software

  • Conduct quick and hassle-free information security risk assessments.
  • Reduce errors and improve completeness.
  • Follow a proven process to ensure compliance with ISO 27001.
  • Reduce the time spent on risk assessments by up to 80%.
  • Generate audit-ready reports, year after year.
  • Cloud-based tool.

Risk assessments made simple, error-free and ISO 27001-compliant


Monthly subscription price thereafter from: £49.95. Cancel at any time.

- “By the way, this vsRisk package rocks!”

- Jeffrey S. Cochran

Faster, simpler, error-free risk assessments

  • Step-by-step risk assessment wizard.
  • Built-in threats, vulnerabilities and controls libraries.
  • Customisable risk criteria.
  • No training needed – immediately get to work.
  • On-demand and unlimited support

Conduct a risk assessment step
by step

  • Assign, score and treat risks.
  • Simple red/green or complex risk acceptance criteria configuration.
  • Flag high-risk events.
  • Optional privacy risk add-on. 

Work from a global asset library

  • Create or upload an inventory of your assets.
  • Assign category, status, owner, class, location and other values to each asset.
  • Identify risks to data assets or use the scenario-based assessment.

Track risk mitigation actions

  • Select and apply applicable controls through the easy search function.
  • Add your own controls or draw on the built-in libraries (ISO 27001, NIST, and more).
  • Highlight risks, treatment plans and non-compliance areas.

Generate audit-ready reports at a click

  • Easily review and update to ensure a consistent process.
  • Produce accurate, trackable risk assessments year after year.
  • Demonstrate evidence of decisions taken to auditors.
  • Quickly produce an SoA (Statement of Applicability), risk treatment plans and other audit-ready reports.

Map your risks against best-practice requirements

  •  ISO 27001
  •  ISO 27017
  •  ISO 27018
  •  ISO 27701
  •  ISO 22301
  •  ISO 27032
  •  NIST
  •  CSA CCM
  •  PCI DSS
  •  SOC 2
  •  CCPA
  •  CCRA
  •  Cyber Essentials

Our clients

See what our customers think

“This tool is comprehensively
the best!”

- A. Smith IT Services

“The tool was amazing for doing the job it said it would.”

- Carol McCarthy dsicmm Ltd

“vsRisk was instrumental in helping us achieve our ISO27001:2013 certification.”

- Greig Robertson IT Project Manager Aberdein Considine





Monthly subscription price thereafter from: £49.95.
Cancel at any time.