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Frequently Asked Questions

vsRisk user guide and installation assistance

All customers who purchase vsRisk™ or Compliance Manager receive a user manual that provides detailed information on using and installing the software.

If you have not received a user manual, please contact our support team at

vsRisk™ tutorials

Please visit the Support page for our series of tutorials on how to use vsRisk™.

For vsRisk™ installation

What rights do I need to install vsRisk™ on my computer?

I am using Windows Vista. I have administrator rights, but vsRisk™ will still not install/run correctly. What do I do?

Can we use one licence key to install vsRisk™ on multiple computers?

Unrecognised login details / credentials

32-bit or 64-bit?

General FAQ

I have tried installing vsRisk but I cannot access the software.

I would like to upgrade from vsRisk Standalone to the Network-enabled or Multi-user user versions.

How many asset owners/risk owners can be added to an ISMS?

Can I change the formula for calculating risk?

I have an existing ISO 27001:2005 ISMS. Can vsRisk™ convert this to ISO 27001:2013?

I already have a spreadsheet of assets. Can vsRisk™ import these automatically?

Will vsRisk™ do my risk assessment for me?

For vsRisk™ Standalone

What operating systems will vsRisk™ work with?

Will it work on an Apple computer or Linux?

Is it possible to have more than one user on vsRisk™ Standalone?

I’ve lost my user name and / or password. Is there any way I can get into my database?

I want to use vsRisk™ over a network. Is this possible?

I want to back-up the vsRisk™ database as part of the central network backup process. How?

How do I migrate a vsRisk™ database?

Can I run different versions of vsRisk side-by-side?

No. To ensure that all vsRisk™ features work effectively, all versions of vsRisk™ that you have running must be the same version. This specifically applies when migrating databases, or upgrading from prior versions.

For vsRisk™ Network-enabled installation

Which version of Microsoft SQL Server do I need to enable network functionality?

So I can install the vsRisk™ 2 network-enabled edition onto a server?

Can I use other database engines with the network-enabled edition of vsRisk™ 2 (MySQL, ORACLE, etc)?

How many users can connect to vsRisk™ Multi-user?

For vsRisk™ error messages

“Invalid licence key”

“Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.”

Unrecognised login details / credentials


Compliance Manager FAQ

What is Compliance Manager?

I have purchased Compliance Manager, what happens now?

How do I use Compliance Manager?

Is there any training/support available?

Can I have consultancy support?

Is there a user guide?

Does the content of Compliance Manager get updated?