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CyberComply Software updates

Please be aware of updates to the CyberComply platform since January 2018. The changes are based on customer feedback to ensure you get as much as possible out of our software tools. If you would like to suggest any further additions or improvements, please email


Our latest release sees the addition of Consultancy Access to our CyberComply platform

We have updated the CyberComply platform to make significant changes and introduce a Consultancy Access feature to both the Data Flow Mapping Tool (DFMT) and Compliance Manager (CM). This allows Consultants to add users to multiple organisation accounts using one set of login details and better support their clients with their mapping processes.

A key part of this update is that customer roles have been revised meaning more options are available, these include:

  • Organisation admin
  • Contributor
  • Read only
  • Revoked


  • Users can add new users to their organisation’s account using an email address.
  • Users can assign new users of their organisation’s account a specific role to control their level of access.
  • Users can change “user’s roles” at any time and control their access level at all times.


Edit user

  • Only the “organisation administrator” can assign/change users and roles.


Remove user

  • The organisation administrator will receive confirmation when an invitation has been sent to a user.
  • New users will receive an invitation email with a login link.
  • Users will receive invitation email when an organisation administrator invited to organisation’s account and confirm it.
  • The organisation administrator will receive an email when the user accepts the organisation account’s invitation, and can resend if the user didn’t receive anything and revoke invitations.


Invite user

  • Customer support users can add a new user to the organisation’s account to ensure accounts are set up correctly.
  • Users can view and switch between the organisation accounts they have access to.


Switch organisation

  • When a user switches organisation accounts a reauthentication is sent to provide an extra layer of protection for data stored within organisation accounts.