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Data Flow Mapping Tool Software updates

We have updated the Data Flow Mapping Tool with some significant changes. The new version introduces personal data records, which allow users to create one or more records at an input point.

Records can now contain any number of data items and be transferred from asset to asset as a complete entity. 

Users can:

  • Create records at input points;
  • Specify the record name, classification, format, recipients and retention period;
  • Add any number of data items to a record, and note what categories of data subjects those data items belong to, the lawful basis for processing and any exceptions for sensitive data; 
  • Still create data items without first creating a record;
  • Transfer records as complete entities; 
  •  Enter information about how long records and data items are stored on a given asset; and
  • Create and manage any number of custom data items, subjects and sources via the settings page for their organisation’s account. This replaces the ‘Other’ functionality for these fields.

The separation between data items and records for users who already have these entities within their process maps has been retained. The data items will appear grouped at the input points where they were created and users must attach the data items to any records. The existing records will be shown on the assets where they were created, and users will be able to edit or remove these records.